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You are urged to send in your photograph when writinn- Attention, Sponsors: Dear VOL: Cornini;, N. - May I please have a bit of space In r-antrihute an idfu to spnnsors?

In the first place why do all sjwisors fry to outdo (!

And at the end of that time it was I — not he — who gave up in despair. Note the calm, quiet persistence he showed in wooing me.

With a heavy heart — for I knew my entire future happiness might be at stake — I made him go back to the stage. ^or a year he slaved at jobs which re- volted him; for the next year he demonstrated how much better, financially, was his way of making a liv- ing.

They sound so mushy and wishy-washy that sometimes I feel just like getting up and yelling at the loud speaker.

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May I for one disagree with the listeners, at least those I have met, who are raving about the new Ward program f I lliiuk it's about the silliest thin; I ever heard and doesn't paint either Buddy Rogers or Jeanie Lane as very firm and aggressive people.

Kathryn Ccnsbauct The People's Choice Dear VOL: Wclli Hgton. As I am a constant reader of RADIO GUIDE and it gives us all an opportunity to give favorites what they deserve, I want to give my favorite a great big hand. I don't say they are the best but il all the other quartets were singing and on the air at the same time I would be still listening to the Maple City Four, for I like them best of all. 1 love them all over the radio s« come on, you Maple City Four fans, and do your bit for your favorites, so that wt can hear them oftencr. I'm married to a real man who happens to be a comedian, not to a comedian who just happens to be a husband!

Sallie Keller Back to the Soiled Dear VOL: Galveston, Texas With the Fall so close I know wc wilt short- ly have back on the air, Mr. There, i feel better— so much better that I'll break down and confess that Eddie is as funny at home as anywhere else. Tor instance, the other day he came home and said he was very tired, lie wanted a nap. "The house is so quiet." he said sepulchratly, "I'm walking in my sleep, por Heaven's sake make a noise and wake me up! Sometimes he laughs us out of little domestic peeves that arise even in the best families.

This young man, born to be a genius of the stage, denied the urge of his blood.

He gave up the Eddie Cantor photo- graphed at his home in Beverly Hills, with "his six girls." Left to right they are Marilyn (12) standing; Natalie (18) the studious member of the family; Marjorie (19) her father's secretary and companion and sometimes advi.sor; Mrs. It is Edna who plays the piano when he rehearses his songs.

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