Arpwatch ethercode dat updating

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To configure a RHEL6/Cent OS6 network interface for VLAN, see 9.2.6.

Setting Up 802.1q VLAN Tagging (see also Configure an Ethernet interface as a VLAN trunk (Red Hat)).

One can log in to both affected switches and display real-time port counters to determine which switch is at fault.

Solution: Reboot the switch with broken port counters.

The default event level will be set to 50 if the device is in Ne Di, otherwise it is set to the low value of 10.

Firewall configuration allowing SNMP traps to be received on port 162 must be configured in The script conaints some basic mappings to further raise authentication and configuration related events.

This is going to hit you in terms of sporadic loss of connectivitiy between pairs of nodes.

In stead it is recommended to download from the Sanitized IEEE OUI Data (oui.txt) page.

Look at the source, if you want to add more mappings.

Trap handling has not been further pursued in favour of syslog messages.

For security reasons it is strongly recommended to configure the Ne Di server with a non-public IP-address, primarily to avoid making the web server a target of attack from the Internet.

It may even be advisable to put this server on an internal management subnet/VLAN where normal users are prohibited from access (at least to the web server ports 80 443).

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