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Be2 UK is one of the world’s leading matchmakers, and still a newcomer to the scene. Finding other singles at a pub or through friends, can be a challenge.

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Many sites with, their forums and instant messaging, resemble a bar situation where you meet singles fairly randomly and have to work hard to find a match.

This is not always the best approach to meeting new people, it is time consuming, can be used very casually by some people and can often lead to disappointment.

I did a little digging to see if the same is true for Be2.

With be2 your first step is to take their personality questionnaire and register your online profile.

This portrait of your individual characteristics and preferences becomes the template by which they match you to like minded singles.

be2 is completely anonymous and secure and you have control of how much information you want to share every step of the way.

That is why over 20 million singles are increasingly willing to post photos, safe in the knowledge they have control over who can see them and when. You can send private messages or short quizzes to singles you find interesting.

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