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at 10 (“[I]llicit communication comprises a minuscule subset of the universe of social network activity.”). Likewise, you cannot prevent children from being solicited online by preventing all online communication.

The court analogized to a blanket handbill restriction, ostensibly designed to prevent litter, that was long ago overturned by the Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds. Rather, you should enforce existing solicitation crimes. Nebraska’s similar law met a similar fate in a civil rights action, Doe v.

Language – predominantly Korean but you tend to bump into a few people who speak English from time to time. It connects with your phone’s GPS and lets you find people with similar interest around you.

It also lets you create and different communities and interest groups.

Could North Carolina’s social networking restriction face a similar fate? Our law applies to all sex offenders, not just to those whose crimes were against minors. Doe appears to be the first case of its nature decided by a circuit court of appeals. And its definition of a “commercial social networking Web site” is broad, including any site that permits minor children to join and: The definition excludes sites that provide only one discrete service (photo-sharing, email, instant messaging, chat room, or message board), and sites whose primary purpose is to facilitate commercial transactions involving goods or services. There is no similar case law from the Fourth Circuit. Louisiana’s former social networking restriction—which was more limited than Indiana’s in that it only applied to sex offenders convicted of crimes against minors, but probably broader in the social media it restricted—was invalidated by a federal district judge last year on overbreadth and vagueness grounds. Language – predominantly Korean but you tend to bump into a few people who speak English from time to time.Perhaps the weirdest and most controversial app on this list, 영톡 is infamously known as the “hook up” app in Korea.

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