Cloudfront not invalidating

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After a while, you would then destroy and stop paying for the original Cloud Front distribution that is no longer being referenced or used.

Simply replacing the Cloud Front distribution effectively “invalidates” all of the objects at once, with no charges for invalidation requests and very little effort.

Windows (Kasperagent Micropsia) Android (Secure Update Vamp) . I suggest not to invalidate everything in the root of cloudfront everytime you deploy, invalidating everything makes less cost effective as you said statisc dir is cached forever, invalidating them on every build pointless, as aws suggests instead serve versioned files and just change urls in the index of application.I was chatting with Kevin Boyd (aka Beryllium) on the ##aws Freenode IRC channel about the challenge of invalidating a large number of Cloud Front objects (35,000) due to a problem where the cached copies of the objects were out of date and the system had not been designed with versioning in the object path or name.As a consequence, even is considered as a different resource than (note the leading slash)[email protected] , this is only the case if, when you create your Cloud Front distribution, you choose the S3 bucket that Amazon automatically auto-complete you. In fact you must copy-paste the website endpoint and not using the thing that Amazon auto-complete. This way, you also have the nice advantage of being able to use the 404 error page even in Cloud Front :).

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