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The larvae then feed on the excess plant tissue that forms inside the gall.Each insect species produces its own characteristic kind of gall.The well-preserved insect inside this amber specimen had the same flawless, complete structure as specimens living today.Evolutionists seek to convince people that all living things progress from the primitive to the more highly developed, by way of slow changes.CENTIPEDE Age: 50 million years Period: Eocene Location: Poland One environment in which fossils are preserved is amber.Resin emerging from trees flow over a living thing, preserving it in its exact original state, and such fossils trapped in amber point to a very important fact, as do all other fossils: Living things have remained unchanged for millions of years—in other words, they never underwent evolution.The organisms belonging to this family are some of the oldest known flies.CENTIPEDE Age: 25 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Dominican Republican Centipedes are exceedingly complex invertebrates whose bodies consist of between 20 and 100 segments, each of which bears a pair of feet.

The fact that centipedes that lived 45 million years ago are exactly as members of the same family alive today is evidence that Darwinism is a terrible deception.

The insects have kept the same structures for millions of years.

If a living thing has undergone absolutely no change for 45 million years, then any claim that it is evolving is out of the question.

However, there is no difference between centipede specimens that lived 50 million years ago and their present-day equivalents.

These invertebrates have remained the same for millions of years and are clear evidence of Creation.

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