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Some can cover the material without adding make up days, others may wish to add time to each class session, while others may add week(s) to their classes.Professors have been instructed to provide maximum flexibility to students and to discuss how missed classes will be made up on the first day of class.Female students have now formed an Equality Committee to bring changes.The rector of St John's college said in a statement: 'If any student proposing to come to St John's thinks that behaviour of the sort alleged is acceptable, they need to think again because this kind of behaviour is not accepted at St John's College.'The college is deeply concerned by the claims which have been made.The opening post reads: 'Lads, gents and lords, fellas, ***ts and boarz, Judgement day is nigh …. With 60 [fresher girls] to consider, there's plenty of fish in the sea but someone's gotta sort the salmon from the carp' In one initiation in 2016, male and female freshers were locked in a communal bathroom and had fish guts thrown over them.Pictured: Freshers ask to get into a close Facebook group to view fresher girls Women at the college also revealed other traditions including one where red-headed freshers have to set their pubic hair on fire in front of others, with the winner lasting the longest before putting the fire out.Joe Parle, Vice President and Academic Dean at [email protected], so we can determine what arrangements can be made.Include your full name, student ID number and a good contact number.

The boys organised the event with a Facebook message thread titled Prime cuts and minute steaks.

If you need to complete your My FA portal for the fall semester, it is not too late.

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Through the course the student will be able 1) to adopt learning strategies that conform to how God designed the student as a learner; 2) to incorporate biblical truths in planning, prioritization and implementation for realizing educational goals; 3) to develop a spiritual service of worship in academic life, personal life, and local church ministries.

We believe the personal growth and communal ministry are an integral part of a student’s development at CBS.

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