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It is not a bug per se, but can cause bugs if you don't know it's there.

A regular-expression that is ungreedy ("U", often does the job, but still: sometimes you just need a greedy regular expression working on long strings ...This is due to the PCRE library returning an error code if the string contains bad UTF-8. Not sure if this will be a great help to anyone out there, but thought i'd post just in case.I was having an Issue with a project that relied on $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']. (i am using mod_rewrite in apache to call up pages from a database and IIS doesn't set REQUEST_URI).the only problem being in the name attribute I follow common programming guidelines and have names like the following: event Date, event Time, user Email, etc.Not great to just output to the user-- so I came up with this function.

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    They can be understandable –she was stuck in traffic or had to work late; not-so-understandable – she simply could not decide if a certain pair of shoes went with a particular dress; or just plain ridiculous – she arrived on time, but spent 20 minutes hanging out just around the corner so that she wouldn’t seem too clingy.

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    As per Indian astrology/ Vedic astrology / Jyotish, this step is mandatory to make gemstone effective to yield desired results and to provide remedies.

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    He's saying these things happen and therefore I have credibility. She had actively played lacrosse and field hockey while she was doing her education.

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