Dating an church orthodox woman

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I am a Coptic Orthodox woman, born and raised in the church, I find it frustrating when Coptic men make sexist remarks and are very misogynistic.

I often feel ashamed of the cultural heritage of our church and how influenced we are by Arabic and Judaic ideologies.

(Gen 3) There is so much misogyny fuelled by this argument every time it arises.

I cringe every time a speaker in a youth meeting brings this up because the guys will latch onto any comment that implies it was Eve’s fault.

We are simply not questioning, it seems we are afraid of being accused of heresy or division of the church.

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I simply held my ground and said “that’s not true,” because a lot of easily-influenced and misinformed males were sitting in on the sermon and I felt that it was my duty to correct this statement, for the sake of the women of our church who have been objectified and made to feel inferior for far too long.Count for yourselves: As this, O Lord, is the command of your Only-Begotten Son, that we share in the commemoration of your saints, graciously accord, O Lord, to remember all the saints who have pleased you since the beginning: our holy fathers the patriarchs, the prophets, the apostles, the preachers, the evangelists, the martyrs, the confessors and all the spirits of the righteous who were consummated in the faith.Most of all, the pure, full of glory, ever-virgin, holy Theotokos, Saint Mary, who in truth, gave birth to God the Logos.If I feel dominated by men in my place of worship, I will probably seek elsewhere to worship.Just as anyone who might feel threatened in a social situation, might escape to feel comfortable and seek safety.

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