Dating an investment banker anonymous

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“At the moment fintech is seen as a ‘sexier’ scene to be in [than banking],” Wereko-Brobby cautions.“It used to be models and bankers, now it’s models and tech founders.” This might be one reason so many former bankers are moving into fintech.It’s a, “hot area full of very creative, engaging and driven former bankers,” Wereko-Brobby tells us.“Bankers tend to work extremely long hours and, for some, their schedules are very much at the mercy of their employers,” says the dating guru.“The matches I see are men in finance and women in a creative field like PR or marketing,” says the love doctor.“We also see a lot of women in finance with doctors or lawyers.He was a total gent but too eager to make the moment last and was always at risk of setting a very high standard with the first date (the second was often a trip abroad), or scaring women off with his spending.” You have been warned.

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“Male bankers tend to be less likely to make the time or to leave looking for someone serious a little later than women,” says Wereko-Brobby.

“I also see a lot of habit-led clients pick the same place for all their first dates, which is usually conveniently close to home or work. “You need to see dating as an enjoyable and ongoing process, not something need to fit in or gamify with an app.

If your date catches on to the ‘convenience’ factor, it tends to dampen the romance,” cautions Wereko-Brobby. A lot of the successes I see at Social Concierge are between people who have built up a friendship/rapport over time by engaging with the network consistently, rather than going straight for a hook up, first date, then decision whether to carry things on or kill it.” Follow @Madame Butcher Contact: [email protected] hedge fund traders should stay married, redux David Tepper, one of the highest earning hedge fund managers in the world, is reportedly splitting up with his wife.

“Sometimes bankers tend to go too big too early, locking in dinner dates at overly smart places that they take clients to (Zuma, Roka, Chotto Matte) when they might be better placed start more low key with a drink in Soho,” says Wereko-Brobby.

“I had a charming client who worked such long hours that he was only able to fit in about one date a month.

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