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than thee.’ Then the blood ran cold in her heart with spite and malice, to see that Snowdrop still lived; and she dressed herself up again, but in quite another dress from the one she wore before, and took with her a poisoned comb.

When she reached the dwarfs’ cottage, she knocked at the door, and cried, ’Fine wares to sell!

’This time nothing will save thee,’ said the queen; and she went home to her glass, and at last it said: ’Thou, queen, art the fairest of all the fair.’ And then her wicked heart was glad, and as happy as such a heart could be.

When evening came, and the dwarfs had gone home, they found Snowdrop lying on the ground: no breath came from her lips, and they were afraid that she was quite dead.

Everything was spruce and neat in the cottage: on the table was spread a white cloth, and there were seven little plates, seven little loaves, and seven little glasses with wine in them; and seven knives and forks laid in order; and by the wall stood seven little beds. ’ And the rest came running to him, and everyone cried out that somebody had been upon his bed.

Meantime the queen went home to her glass, and shook with rage when she read the very same answer as before; and she said, ’Snowdrop shall die, if it cost me my life.’ So she went by herself into her chamber, and got ready a poisoned apple: the outside looked very rosy and tempting, but whoever tasted it was sure to die. Then Snowdrop was much tempted to taste, for the apple looked so very nice; and when she saw the old woman eat, she could wait no longer.

Then she dressed herself up as a peasant’s wife, and travelled over the hills to the dwarfs’ cottage, and knocked at the door; but Snowdrop put her head out of the window and said, ’I dare not let anyone in, for the dwarfs have told me not.’ ’Do as you please,’ said the old woman, ’but at any rate take this pretty apple; I will give it you.’ ’No,’ said Snowdrop, ’I dare not take it.’ ’You silly girl! But she had scarcely put the piece into her mouth, when she fell down dead upon the ground.

And the coffin was set among the hills, and one of the dwarfs always sat by it and watched.

And the birds of the air came too, and bemoaned Snowdrop; and first of all came an owl, and then a raven, and at last a dove, and sat by her side.

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