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Last Sunday evening, as he went to fetch a takeaway chicken supper with his 12-year-old brother, Elijah, a gang of about a dozen youths, their faces covered with bandanas, followed them on mountain bikes and demanded the younger boy’s Black Berry phone.With commendable courage, Negus attempted to defend Elijah, whereupon the mob chased and encircled him, stabbed him repeatedly through the thigh and chest, and beat him with a metal pole.However, though a group of girls mourning at the makeshift shrine this week indignantly assured me Negus wasn’t a ‘hood boy’ — or gang member — one local councillor has offered another theory.

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That, at least, is the version of events preferred by his many friends, who have daubed slogans on the pavement where he was cut down, proclaiming him ‘a true soldier’, and lionised him in more than 2,000 Facebook tribute messages and rap videos posted on the internet.But remember, while the Help Center resources are helpful, they’re only a taste of the life-changing strategies and tools you’ll gain from being part of a Single & Parenting group.If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll enjoy the ability to search, find, and meet adventure-loving singles.He was hacked to death in daylight, beside a palm-fronted garden, in a street of smartly-restored Victorian terrace houses.The church-going youngster was not hunted down in some long-notorious South London enclave such as Stockwell, where feuding boy-gangsters shot a five-year-old girl in her uncle’s shop a fortnight ago.

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