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Sipple’s homosexuality was revealed by San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, who had heard the ex-Marine was a friend of Harvey Milk, an openly gay man then running for a seat on the city’s Board of Supervisors.

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A virulent anti-communist and ardent supporter of the Vietnam War, Alsop was the most prominent journalist to push the supposed “missile gap” between the Soviet Union and America, a term skillfully used by Kennedy to paint the incumbent Eisenhower administration and its vice president, presidential contender Richard Nixon, as soft on communism.

Washington has long attracted a disproportionate number of gay people, a phenomenon that really took off with the city’s massive expansion as the seat of federal bureaucracy during World War II.(The Advocate magazine recently lauded Washington as the most gay-friendly city in the country and The New York Times, utilizing census data, has deemed it the “gayest place in America.”) Government service often requires long hours away from home and unquestioning loyalty to one’s boss, job requirements that gay men in particular, generally free from the constraints of traditional family life, have been adept at filling.

“There can be no place on the White House staff or in the upper echelons of government for a person of markedly deviant behavior,” remarked the now-stridently pro-gay New York Times editorial board.

Jenkins promptly resigned and checked into a hospital for “exhaustion.”Richard Nixon and…Had Oliver Sipple not grabbed Moore’s hand as she fired, directing the bullet away from the president, Ford likely would have been gravely injured, if not killed.

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