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The company claims to be a place where people can share interests and ideas.The minimum age to sign up is 16, but other than that, the site is mostly unrestricted.Zorpia gives users access to a lot of profiles and one can contact any of these public profiles instantaneously.Zorpia prides itself on being an all access platform to meet anyone from anywhere at anytime.Founder, Ng developed the app as a way for cultures to be able to meet others across the world in a fun, interactive and safe way.There are a variety of niche groups that users can join on Zorpia.Most of Zorpia's users live in China (10%) and India (40%).Zorpia works with a Chinese Internet Content Provider License and is based out of Hong Kong.

In fact, according to PRNewswire, the site hosts over 13.7 million pictures.

Zorpia is a way for people to meet business partners, significant others, platonic friends, activity buddies and life partners.

Users can browse through hundreds of profiles and find others based on location, age and what gender they are looking for.

The site also has a feature called "Rate a Zorpian," where users can go in and rate other users' photos. If users are not finding appealing options on the homepage, Zorpia will show users 2 to 3 pictures and ask users if they like what they see.

If that still doesn't work, Zorpia offers a Match Up game where users can go to see other profile options.

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