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Song and team developed a genetic strategy for tracing the life cycle of precursor cells in the brain.What they found was that any single stem cell is capable of both replacing itself and of giving rise to both neurons and glia.They found a way to “carbon date” neurons by testing brain specimens from deceased adult humans who lived through the middle of the last century, during a period of above-ground nuclear bomb testing and elevated atmospheric levels of carbon-14.The researchers were able to quantify the amount of carbon-14 stamped into DNA when a new neuron is born, essentially “carbon dating” the neurons. D., is the senior author of a study that demonstrates improvements in symptoms of depression in patients with high inflammation levels.

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One Tex-Mex item that may someday rival the pizza as an extraordinarily successful ethnic dish is the fajita...introduced at Ninfa's in Houston on July 13, 1973, as tacos al carbon.We are pleased to present you with the Top Advancements & Breakthroughs by Foundation Grantees in 2017.View our 2017 Top Advancements List This list illustrates some of the major research achievements by our grantees over the past year.The study was published in the online version of Dr.Miller is an internationally recognized leader in the area of brain-immune interactions as they relate to depression in medically healthy as well as medically ill patients including patients with cancer.

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