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Statistical analysis was completed for 882 women, mean age 47.Whites constituted 74% of the population, more than half had a college degree, more than 90% had a history of hormonal contraceptive use (including 22% current users), and 8% reported a history of hormone replacement therapy.

And he helped publicize the fact that a pervasive, sexually transmitted virus called HPV was unleashing an epidemic of oral cancer among men.Eligible women had an intact cervix, no plans to become pregnant, no history of organ transplantation, and documented HIV seronegativity.The baseline evaluation consisted of a gynecologic examination (including testing for genotype-specific HPV) and a questionnaire that elicited information about social and demographic status, reproductive and menstrual history, medication use (including hormonal therapies), and past and current sexual history.Data on sexual history revealed a significant trend toward a higher number of lifetime sexual partners among the younger women (The proportion of women reporting no sexual activity within the previous 6 months increased with age, ranging from 12% of women 35 to 39 and 33% of those 55 to 60.The prevalence of any HPV and high-risk HPV (as defined by genotypes) had an inverse association with age (The PAR for any HPV and for high-risk HPV associated with five or more lifetime sex partners was 62.3% and 87%, respectively, among older women, compared with 37% and 28%, respectively, among younger women.

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