Jim crow laws and dating

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And then following the Civil War, many of the benefits that the white slaveowners had were lost; they generally suffered ruination.

But then after Reconstruction was over, a strict segregation was enforced based on white supremacy and economic exploitation.

This argument is not to deny the success of the children and grandchildren of African Americans who grew up in the Jim Crow South, but it is to recognize the challenges they have had to overcome.

By means of compensation and the acceptance of responsibility, the U. government needs to give serious consideration to some form of monetary reparation.

Slavery resulted in the enrichment of the members of one race and of their descendants at the expense of the other race.

The legacy of slavery is evidenced today in the lack of wealth and land ownership in the present generation.

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The families were so poor that the whole families, the sharecroppers, had to do this work.He represented an innocent man who was charged with murder.He was convicted and executed only because the hatred of Italians was so great. My great great grandfather was so disturbed he quit defending people and later became a judge until Huey Long had him removed. Italians were the second most lynched group after blacks. It's too bad we don't learn about all of the racism of the past.The law gave them no protection, nor did the federal government.When the Social Security Act was passed it did not apply to the sharecroppers and domestic servants.

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