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I'm not comparing Gary to a rapist or a killer, of course. But his flaws are so obvious to me and they seem to be so contradictory to Christian beliefs. Like Mark Crawford who is Catholic and wont come near Harry Potter because it's witchcraft and evil, but he'll listen to Death Metal and he'll dress like a demon for Halloween. Only vague rumours reached out time and recollections of some numerous mounds along Tver downstream of Volga, the mounds of Uglich, the mounds of Murom, etc. They have all undergone the editing of the XVII-XVIII cc. On the other hand the Old Russian, Turkic and Arabic primary sources occupy only a supportive secondary place in the history science. We are told that you should approach them carefully.In fact they are not being edited as thoroughly.' Most thoroughly the reformers worked on the history of the XV-XVI cc.He tells me that during his 10 years of trying to open his track, miracles kept happening and then it lead to nothing, which puzzled him, but he knew there was a reason everything turned out the way it did and he has faith that God would reveal to him the reason in time. I guess I forgot to mention how vulgar and crude Gary is too. The man is so crass and profane all the time, he drinks heavily every single night (a legitimate alcoholic), he brags about how many girls he had sex with before he got married, so much so that I can't even imagine him opening up a book of scripture, let alone having a conversation with God about his life via prayer.You can dismiss that as him seeing things that aren't there. But when he was talking, it was like he turned into someone else. When asked what religion he is he proudly says, "I'm Christian." I remember JP and I used to badmouth Christians bc many of them would be terrible people on the inside yet act like saints at church.Another thing I forgot to mention about Gary is that he has no qualms about beating the crap out of someone.He glorifies fighting, may it be verbal or physical.

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It's risky to be doing this but he's off talking to some people that he likes so I have a window of opportunity here. He's constantly telling stories about something cool he did or said and it's always a dominance thing. And he has to constantly be feeding that ego by competing and winning, and talking about his accomplishments, how good he is at everything.

The bible is a great tool for learning about God's commandments, God's promised blessings, God's plan for us. But anyway, I'm trying to convey that before today, I knew of the type of Christian that knew nothing about doctrine but just believed in God and maybe only prayed when things were really bad like "Oh God please make everything right for me.

Amen." but never followed any of Christ's teachings, lived their lives however they want.

Now, I'm not one to believe that the bible is pure and holy and perfect in every way.

I think a lot of self proclaimed Christians are hypocritical because of the way they cherry pick verses to fit whatever lifestyle suits them, as opposed to earnestly trying to seek God's will for them. So it makes sense that people who believe the bible to be the final word on everything rub me the wrong way.

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