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But if your sexuality isn't threatened by such an idea - and it shouldn't be, for heaven's sake - you are gonna LOVE these tunes.

Produced and created with assistance by David Bowie and his Main Man Mick Ronson, Transformer is a quintessential "glam rock" experience, utilizing creative production and often hilarious character sketches (how on God's Green Earth did the lines "But she never lost her head/Even when she was giving head" become ACCEPTABLE to FM radio?

i think now i may check out Magic and Loss, since i love my mp3 of "Whats Good".

that song makes a whole lot more sense now after reading your M and L review although "sanskrit to a pony" still makes absolutly zero sense whatsoever.

kay I'm gonna say something here, and please understand that I mean no offense by it.

So on with the show - ladies and gentlemen, Lou Peed! Well, not the entire band, but certainly Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman.

What they were doing on a sloppy soul/folk/rock/pop album when they were supposed to be in the studio working on Close To The Edge is beyond me, but there they were, supporting Mr.

And he himself was wearing makeup and toying with the whole androgynous thing that all those cool people like David Bowie and the New York Dolls and NYC mayor David Dinkins were championing.

So it should be no wonder to you, the listener of Lou Reed merchandise (or "merch" as we say in the business) that the album features a title, back cover photographs, lyrics and instrumentation that all suggest the ideal of males proudly brandishing their feminine wiles like an icky, bristly weapon against straight America (or "me," as I say in the business).

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