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” Be Realistic Along with learning from them, we also want to be realistic with our students about what life is going to be like on this side of things.Because we live in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christian beliefs, an affirming LGBTQ community will look like home, especially when the church has done such a poor job in this area. Listen and Learn If you’re anything like me, when students come and talk about their struggles, you want to do something about it quickly. Unfortunately, this fix-it-quick attitude tends to ignore students as complex people with unique stories. Let me offer some initial, first steps we can take together.

“There are many reasons that I have been reluctant to share my story, but I know now it is not my fault.” Whatever the judge’s sentencing Friday, Nassar will likely serve life in prison.

“I really need to talk,” one student said to me over the phone. Let’s begin by asking questions of our students rather than trying to simply fix their broken situation. How has their struggle with same-sex attraction affected their lives in the past? How can we best support them and walk with them now?

We met at a good BBQ place and, for the first couple of minutes, caught up on life. You might begin by asking this simple question: “What has life been like for you as you’ve struggled?

Mark said she talked about the appointment afterward with her mother, but didn’t have the words to fully described what she experienced.

It wasn’t until years later, when she read the Indy Star story that detailed years of abuse by Nassar, that she understood what had happened to her at the time, she said.

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