New vegas intimidating presence

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I haven't seen many opportunities to use it on people other than those that the developers already figured you may have to become enemies with, so there really isn't a point to it except as a way to start combat with words instead of weapons, even though you'll just use weapons after using it anyway.You can't just go up to a trader or a random wastelander and go "Growl I'm intimidating," it has to be certain people, which really defeats the whole purpose of it.She'd also gotten the details of what exactly had gone down.It wasn't only Monroe she had to thank for her grandfather's life, but Miles and Connor as well.When he'd blasted through the door, all dangerous glares and deadlier moves.But this time, he'd held the cure to saving her grandfather.She and Rachel had been too shaky and numb to do it themselves. On their way to Willoughby, she'd never expected to make a return voyage. Actually, she kind of figured he'd be dead by now, either by her own hands or by someone else in her family. She could say it was because he was a warrior, and even an evil warrior deserved to die on the battlefield.So now, here she was, two weeks later, on her way back to New Vegas. In the end though, she'd had to admit the truth, at least to herself.

And apparently, he'd done the really difficult work of getting the antidote and escaping Truman's grasp.But it was Monroe who'd slipped into the quarantine camp, like a shadow upon the wall, and cured Gene.She glanced over at Connor, riding beside her, remembering their first meeting after their escape from the camp. Of course, when his father was in the room, it was really hard for anyone else to stick out.He'd come rushing in at the last minute, like he always did, like some savior from a pre-Blackout movie.It was the same dramatic entrance he'd made in that bar in north Texas.

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