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Each of these is an image which contains text, and can be used to demonstrate the functionality of the OCR engine.

To test the OCR engine on an image, do something like this: Notice that there is also a directory named ocr Tests/training Images.

I originally released this engine under the GPL license, version 2.

It translated images to text with at least comparable accuracy to GOCR, and was in the same ballpark as far as speed, if not somewhat faster than GOCR. The following instructions assume you’re running on a Linux box, with a reasonably recent version of Sun’s JDK installed. Be sure to remove any “fake” java packages that come with your Linux distribution.

Core Java is the favorite area in most of the interviews and plays a crucial role in deciding the outcome of your interview.

This post is about core java interview questions that comes directly from my 12 years of java programming and lots of interviewing experience.

Digitization was not intended to be 100 percent accurate, since the digitized text was to be used mainly for searching the documents by keywords.

It was intended to be used in a document imaging system.

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