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I’m a man with the eye on the older girl, I’m afraid. PS: You filmed a movie called Chalet Girl during the Gossip Girl hiatus—tell us about that. Ed was even nice enough to give us a special shout-out on Facebook.

I like the older ones, the ones around my age, the Kristen Stewart’s of the world, don’t really do it for me. So unfortunately this year it wasn’t too Hollywood. We're on the case and will bring you the latest on all of Ed's adventures Down Under!

Are you aware that Blair might be having a fling with an Australian dude? I got them last week in a little store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. PS: You're known for having lots of sexy chest hair, would you ever consider waxing for a role? Aussie girls number one, English girls number two, American girls number three. A good sense of dress, one that brings through their sense of self.

PS: Who has the best American accent—you or Robert Pattinson? PS: Leighton is currently filming Monte Carlo and has been spotted getting cosy with her Australian co-star Luke Bracey. PS: Do you agree with people who say that England is out of the World Cup because Wayne Rooney waxed his chest? Well, I have absolutely no time for Wayne Rooney right now. It's a romantic comedy about two people from different worlds. It’ll be a good Christmas movie filmed at a ski resort in Germany. PS: How would you rate American girls, Australian girls and English girls if you had to rank them 1,2,3?

Since Gossip Girl Season 4 starts tonight, I thought I'd re-live my few stolen moments with Ed while he was in Sydney. After a short trip to Melbourne on Friday, he's flying back to London and then heading to Paris to film the next season of Gossip Girl. Pop Sugar: You told BBC Radio earlier this month that you were single—is that still the case?

Ed is here to promote Virgin Mobile's new Smart Cap plans and he'll be at Virgin Mobile's Pitt Street store tomorrow at 5pm for a fan event. When you’re that young and that age you like experimenting with new looks and different things.

Okay.maybe Leighton and Adam won't be lovers in the movie, but we're sure they'll have loads of time to kill together.

*WINK* Besides the delicious on set pics we'll be blessed with, we cannot WAIT to see Leighton go from snobby upper east sider to a slacking lady lover. As for Kristen, at least this gives you guys hope??!

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Robert Pattinson has been filming in Europe and just spent Kristen Stewart's birthday weekend with her in Hungary, but this week's issue of In Touch claims that he was recently spotted leaving Leighton Meester's NYC apartment.

- Folk ønskede så inderligt, at Rob (Robert Pattinson red.) og jeg skulle være sammen, at vores forhold blev lavet om til et produkt. Og det var ulækkert for mig, siger Kristen Stewart.

- Det er ikke fordi, jeg ønsker at skjule, hvem jeg er, eller hvad jeg laver i mit liv.

Kærligheden mellem de to unge skuespilstjerner kunne ikke reddes efter utroskaben, og et år efter gik de helt fra hinanden.

Selv om filmseriens mange vampyrfans drømte om, at de to skuespillere skulle ende sammen, så virkede det ikke rigtigt, fortæller skuespillerinden i et ærligt interview med The New York Times.

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