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There are lots of bars, an amazing club scene that’s active every night, and a city atmosphere that combines French passion with old-world style.Paris has university campuses throughout the city, and areas like Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Oberkampf and Rue de la Huchette are fantastic places to find fun and great people to meet!Depending on what you’re like as a person, you may have to stretch a little to optimize your chances.There are a lot of ways to go about meeting people in Paris.Susan Trombetti’s unique approach to Paris matchmaking is highly individualized and personable.Each client receives an initial consultation before being set up on dates, to ensure they explore the traits they want in a potential match. Contact us to learn more or ask a dating question today!Our matchmaking services are comprehensive and transformative. If you’re looking for a casual or a serious relationship in Paris, France, there are loads of good ways to meet people for romance. Being single in Paris gives you excellent options to find dates, to connect with interesting people, and to find the right person either for starting something long-term or just for a bit of fun.

You don’t have to put yourself out there to find someone.

You can connect with people the traditional way, and meet potential partners via your friends, through social clubs and group activities, or spending time in places where interesting people hang out.

However, the world has moved on a lot in the last decades.

Consider using the internet as an easy, effective way to meet people.

A whole online industry has sprung up around internet dating websites where you can connect you with a people who share your ideas and attitudes.

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