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Note that some platforms may have particular restrictions on values for the stack size, such as requiring a minimum stack size 32k B or requiring allocation in multiples of the system memory page size - platform documentation should be referred to for more information (4k B pages are common; using multiples of 4096 for the stack size is the suggested approach in the absence of more specific information). Detailed interfaces for the objects are documented below.

The design of this module is loosely based on Java’s threading model.

When the lock is locked, reset it to unlocked, and return.

If any other threads are blocked waiting for the lock to become unlocked, allow exactly one of them to proceed.

In the locked state, some thread owns the lock; in the unlocked state, no thread owns it.

In any situation where the size of the resource is fixed, you should use a bounded semaphore.

When invoked on an unlocked lock, a A reentrant lock is a synchronization primitive that may be acquired multiple times by the same thread.

Internally, it uses the concepts of “owning thread” and “recursion level” in addition to the locked/unlocked state used by primitive locks.

The static methods of Java’s Thread class, when implemented, are mapped to module-level functions. The significance of this flag is that the entire Python program exits when only daemon threads are left.

All of the methods described below are executed atomically. The initial value is inherited from the creating thread.

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