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Professional and semi-professionals are welcome at local chapter meetings of OWASP, City Sec, ISSA or Security Bsides meetups.This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 at pm and is filed under A Little Sunshine, Web Fraud 2.0.Keeping this factor in mind everyone in the online industry is coming up with the two step verification process for ensuring 100% security of the users.When you choose the two step verification not only you have to use your password but also your cell phone to log in to your account.A longtime reader recently asked: “How do online fraudsters get the 3-digit card verification value (CVV or CVV2) code printed on the back of customer cards if merchants are forbidden from storing this information?The answer: If not via phishing, probably by installing a Web-based keylogger at an online merchant so that all data that customers submit to the site is copied and sent to the attacker’s server.

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In substitution analyses, replacing one serving a day of baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes with one serving a day of non-starchy vegetables was associated with decreased risk of hypertension (hazard ratio 0.93, 0.89 to 0.96).

The rationale for removing these limitations on potatoes included their high potassium content and insufficient evidence of their health effects.6 On the international front, the World Health Organization does not include potatoes as vegetables.7Although potassium supplementation may be beneficial for chronic disease prevention, in particular prevention of hypertension,8 a six week feeding trial of 164 pre-hypertensive and hypertensive people found that diets rich in protein or monounsaturated fat reduced blood pressure compared with diets rich in carbohydrates.9 Because potatoes are high in both glycemic carbohydrates and potassium, their effect on risk of hypertension is unclear.

The long term association of high potato intake with the risk of developing hypertension has not been examined.

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If you are not aware of It won’t be wrong to say that Gmail is the backbone of the current internet scenario.

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