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As a part of it we do certain operations like breaking child nodes and attaching them to its parent node and more in an XML structure.

Java mappings are more useful when performance of integration server is concerned during runtime.

Thus, applications that handle XML documents can assume that the data matches the definition.

By using the XDK, you can write an application that includes a validating XML parser, that is, a program that parses and validates XML documents against a DTD.

Many APIs are implemented by multiple vendors, so if the specific parser gives you trouble you can swap in an alternative, often without even recompiling your code.

But in case of graphical mapping XI/PI converts the mapping program into executable Java code internally based on graphical design and executes it on J2ee engine making it comparatively less efficiency.The validation mode is implicit because the XML schema is referenced in the instance document itself.Follow the steps in this section to write programs that use the class to specify the schema to use for validation: the schema is not specified in the instance document as in implicit validation.Of course, “truly huge” has to be defined relative to available memory.However, if the documents you're processing are in the gigabyte range, you really have no choice but to use SAX.

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