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The actress, who said she’s “a big fan” of After Ellen.com, recently talked to us about Pammy’s sexual identity, playing opposite Emmy winner Toni Collette in what she describes as her “favorite role” in her long career and what it means to be a part of writer-creator Diablo Cody‘s female-centric series. Everyone on that show is just so nice and so good at what they do and they have such great directors coming through. JLA: When the writing is good, you’re not struggling.After Ellen.com: What was the casting process like? You can just feel it on the set, that they were doing something good. The writers are so good and Diablo (Cody) is very present on set and Toni is very cool and not high strung or anything like that. TV moves so fast, you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and talk about the scene and what’s going on.It was the one thing that set her apart from all other actresses.Sometimes it helped her get a role, and most other times, critics felt it would not be a good fit.She was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas to a lumber yard owner and the youngest out of his three children.From when she was little in the Overbrook neighborhood of North Little Rock, Lauren had been quite the handful.But this is mostly due to the fact that she is excellent at separating work and her personal life.

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She began her acting career as a child actress in 1977 with a small part in Exorcist II: The Heretic.

I’ve met some and the ones that do go to wars and cover that, it’s so hard for them to go cover that and come back and attend, say, a birthday party. I loved working with Ashley (Judd) and originally I wrote that part for me to act in and then decided that I wanted to direct it.

And how do you have a relationship where you’re not treating it like the subject? JLA: I thought about acting in but I really love coming to set and not worrying about hair, makeup and wardrobe! And for me, I didn’t go to school to direct, it’s not like it comes super easy for me. It was really hard to give up that part but then when she came on, it was such an amazing experience. JLA: I did a pilot for a new channel called Epix ( meets Nashville country western music and it’s three generations of country western singers and their families and they all have like four ex-wives and current wives.

as Pammy, a bartender who dates all the wrong guys until she meets Tara’s male alter, Buck.

The sexually ambiguous role is one the actress has experience with, having played a lesbian who falls for Ben Affleck in 1997’s .

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