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He's good looking and seems younger than his age!Please cast him with someone good looking and someone nearer his age!Karl returns when Susan meets him at a Lamaze class as his pregnant new wife, Marissa (played by Sunny Mabrey), was there; Mike was not there as he was receiving his 30 days chip.Karl constantly teases Susan about how things are going for him including Marissa being an author and a law student and him becoming partner of his firm and he constantly puts Mike down for referring to him as "the plumber".Karl tells Andrew that even though Bree did witness George Williams die, she will not even face a courtroom.Andrew says that he will just make up stories or give her a "public humiliation" and Bree is horrified, Karl asks Bree for more tea and as Bree leaves for the kitchen, Karl grabs hold of Andrew and puts him against the wall and he says that he was a good friend to his father Rex Van de Kamp and said he knew if Rex was alive then he would force Andrew to behave.Obnoxious kids and would be suitors did not endear this movie to me.

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When Bree's husband, Orson Hodge, blackmails her into staying in the marriage, Karl and Bree begin an affair.After making some guest appearances during the first season, Burgi joined the regular cast in the second season.However, he returned to his guest starring status from the third season until his character's death halfway through the sixth season.Karl Mayer was a fictional character portrayed by Richard Burgi and created by television producer and screenwriter Marc Cherry for the ABC television series Desperate Housewives.He was the ex-husband of housewife Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) and father of Julie Mayer (Andrea Bowen), as well as a successful practitioner of family law.

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