Wmp not updating cd info

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This information is usually then stored on your computer by your media player as well as the online database for others. Album data can be extensive, and includes album title, artist name, record label, year of released CD, genre, musicians, producers, ISRC, and even label website.

Track data include track title, artist name, record label, year of album-released song, credits, genre, subgenre and more. Every database has a different submission procedure. Never submit info completely in capitals or completely lower case, if there is no special reason for that. For bands that have a leading “the”, simply leave out the “the” (e.g.

Providing your product to Rovi is the best way to get your information on All Music.

Mail Rovi one copy of the product along with any relevant promotional materials, such as artist bios and press releases, and email a single message containing artist and release images (in JPEG format and at least 300 pixels wide) and other promotional materials using the addresses below.

The album, artist and song information on All Music comes from their data provider, Rovi.

Rovi provides them with written content like reviews and biographies, tagged metadata like Genres, Styles, Moods, Themes etc.

Full submission of all data (including audio and graphics) are only accepted through specialized accounts.

This is how songs appear for on-line sale through the various providers.

It can take up to 48 hours for a new submission to show.

All products and materials should be sent to: Product Submissions Rovi Corporation 1168 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Email, for music [email protected] CD or DVD will go through data entry, scanning, and sampling processes, in which everything from credits to track listings to cover art to sound samples will be added to the database.

Rovi editors may also assign descriptors such as genres, styles, and moods to the artist or album.

Windows Media Player is a popular software program for organizing and playing your digital music.

In fact, it's a good all-rounder for playing other media too such as videos, movies, audiobooks and CD / DVD discs.

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