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“For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians Glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Just imagine if the answer to this question was all about your credit rating and income, and the house you need to buy. It isn’t a long to do list and it isn’t a situationally dependent complicated activity.He studied it, we talked about it, and I was totally on board with him being an active participant once I was old enough for marriage to be on the horizon.When I was 16 the Christian guys started thinking that I was of totally marriageable age and began talking to Dad – or asking me if they could talk to Dad.Dad (as you may or may not know) wrote which is a biblical defense for the courtship model, and that book is one of the things which put courtship on the map in the first place.He had been teaching on the subject for several years, and then he put everything all in one place in that book.

Imagine if the chief end of man was to be fit, or beautiful, or wear designer clothes, or have a home that could be featured on a blog.We’ve drawn up a similar one, a kind of lover’s dictionary to help you decode the baffling world of dating in the digital world.GHOSTING Everything seems to be going great, but suddenly one person decides to cease all communication. While the motives differ from ghoster to ghoster,most people prefer this way of ending things because it’s less awkward than a formal break-up.What I mean by that is, “I am not a real Christian like those other ladies in our church because I work part time outside the home” or “I am just doing the worst job because chronic pain and personal suffering has made it so that I can’t have large groups over for dinner regularly.” Or for a woman to feel less than a good Christian because she still has a bunch of baby weight (or bake sale) weight to lose.Not only is dating a complicated game, it can be rather confusing as well.

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